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Southeast Asia has long been a global epicentre for child sex abuse by both Western and regional tourists.A landmark study released Thursday by a coalition of nearly 70 child protection agencies looking at child sex abuse by tourists around the world says that while some successes have been made in Southeast Asia, it remains an "enduring phenomenon that has plagued the region for several decades".I returned to Cambodia and applied research in 2013, providing change analysis training to indigenous highlanders in Cambodia and participating in two qualitative evaluations for international NGOs in Cambodia and Sierra Leone.I also devoted considerable time to drafting an ethnography based upon my Ph D research--an ongoing project!'One of the key reasons for the lower number of Americans moving to live in Thailand is that American citizens must still file tax returns at home no matter where in the world they reside. The people of Cambodia's struggle to recover and thrive after decades of conflict and deprivation inspired me to remain, and I spent another seven years living and working in Cambodia as a community development practitioner and a qualitative research consultant.Prior to my graduate work, my research interests centered upon gendered experiences of vulnerability, exploitation and resilience in Cambodia.

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On the other hand, the US is the country of choice for many Thai women marrying foreigners with over 300,000 Thai women having American marriage or life partners.

Read also: Global boom in child sex tourism because of new tech Cambodia's grim reputation as a child sex hub caught global attention when British glam rocker and serial paedophile Gary Glitter was eventually deported in 2002 after years living in the region in impunity.

Enforcement has significantly improved since then, but there are still wide gaps in the safety net and civilians supplement the policing.

in Writing and Humanities, Houghton College (NY, USA) M. in Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh (Scotland) Ph. in Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh (Scotland) A U. citizen raised in East Africa, I moved to Cambodia in 1999 to teach English to the Khmer staff of an NGO shelter for young women escaping the sex industry.

Much of my consulting focused upon the circumstances of vulnerable women and girls, and I conducted research and assessments for a variety of international and local NGOs working with exploited and trafficked women and children.

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