Dns forward zone not updating

Once you see the domain name in DNS Manager, double-click on it. Click Continue creating your records until they’re all built and go ahead and take this time to test them as well, as they’re being created.

I usually like to run a flushdns between each creation/change: At the DNS Manager screen, right-click (control-click if you’re using a Mac) on the name of the server and then click on Properties.

A Bit About DNS Zones DNS zones can be stored in AD in three unique places based on how the DNS administrator wants zone information to be replicated throughout the AD environment.

When you use Active Directory (AD)–integrated DNS servers and zones on Windows Server 2003 and later, an individual DNS zone's data can be stored in one of three locations in Active Directory.

Zone Data can be replicated to 1) every domain controller (DC) in the domain, 2) every DNS server in the domain, or 3) every DNS server in the forest.

With Windows 2000, zones were stored in the domain naming context (domain partition)—meaning that zone information was replicated to every DC in the domain.

Even if the DNS component had not been installed and running on a specific DC, this same DC would still have DNS zone information replicated to its domain partition.

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