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It can be an extremely beautiful experience shared between partners, but it can also feel extremely vulnerable.Add a body altering surgery, and the change in body image to the mix, and thinking about intimacy with an ostomy can almost feel uncomfortable.With a population of over 4.5 million there are nearly 6,000 ostomates in New Zealand, which is one in every 760 persons.This ratio is very similar to that found in Australia.As well as bowel issues I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)and the past 2 years have been quite a journey with my Clinical Immunologist…Dear members, As patients and caregivers, we have more sources of medical information available to us than ever before to help us make the best decisions possible for our health. It's discouraging ,because he has had frequent leaks. It protrudes very little and I'm wondering if that's the problem. He's becoming depressed because of the leaks ... We were first started on the Hollister 2 pc system but she was just switched to the Covidien 1 pc pouch. I have had no output from my stoma in about 4 days now.I put a catheter into the stoma which allowed stool to come out of the body. Free from the inner torture that ensued me for years of living with a traditional ileostomy. The issue was me and how uncomfortable I was in my own skin.

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From preventing leaks to ordering ostomy supplies to dating and intimacy, in-depth articles written by medical professionals, authors and ostomates show you what works and what doesn’t to lead a full and rewarding life after ostomy surgery.I would suggest going on a few dates before talking about the ostomy so the person can get to know you on a deeper level first.There’s no rush to tell a potential partner, but if you feel that you would rather tell them sooner than later, go ahead!A pharmacist suggested using Scope mouthwash added to water to rinse my pouch. No odor was left in the bathroom after I was finished. The words you write and the friendships you forge are things we could never create on our own ... Cancer was completely gone for 3 months after treatment.I had been posting this on the colorectal forums, thought I would share here to. It started off pretty easy, but has since gotten really difficult. In June I went for check up and doctor said cancer is back, 2 doctors say need operation that may leave me with a permanent ostomy. I have no symptoms so why have this operation and have a Ostomy. My dad (55yrs) had an ultra low resection for his rectal cancer. he was operated 10 weeks back with temporary illestomy and now we see that there is a small leakage in coloanal anastomosis.

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