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Stylistically, the Avenger was undoubtedly very much in tune with its time; the American-influenced "Coke Bottle" waistline and semi-fastback rear-end being a contemporary styling cue, indeed the Avenger would be the first British car to be manufactured with a one piece plastic front grille.It was similar in appearance to the larger Ford Cortina MK3, which was launched later in 1970.

By 1846, the emerging organisation of a police force was recognised with the passage of the Armed Constabulary Ordinance.

Both featured a unitized body and torsion bar front susension; the sole powertrain was the then-new 170 cid Slant Six with a single-barrel carburetor.

In their early years, there were convertible, station wagon, and two-door hardtop versions as well as the standard four-door sedan (two-doors started in 1961, convertibles in 1963).

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