Dating friends of ex boyfriends

"It's only smart to date your friend's ex-boyfriend if you want to dump your friend. My patients are left feeling betrayed by both their friend and ex-boyfriend and filled with hurt and anger," said Fran Walfish, psychotherapist. On the other hand, there are some cases that I know of where it worked out.

On some level you must have known that she would be bothered by it, and you chose not to tell her.

Classics such as "do not sleep with a guy on the first date" or "do not date a co-worker" or "do not date anyone younger than your brother unless they're super hot." Some women also add one more to this - "do not date a friend's ex-boyfriend." But some women also break that rule.

Is it ever acceptable to date a friend's ex and, if so, when? Obviously, dating a friend's ex means that you are likely to lose your friend, no matter how long you wait or how well you try to explain it to your friend. I have treated many, many women whose best friend dated and got involved with their ex's.

As long as you respect her wishes, you won’t lose her as a friend and you’ll know for sure whether to date the ex or not.

She might get pissed at first, but she’ll get over it. Is your best friend in a happy, committed relationship? You’ve got the green light to date him if you want to. If she’s really your best friend, she’ll just want you to be happy too.

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