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And because I had girlfriends who told me about their escapades on the site, the good and the bad, the inevitable creeps and trolls, I felt relatively prepared for an imperfect if interesting experience.What I wasn’t prepared for was the horror story that is online dating as a black woman.When I set out to create Boomerly, I knew that I didn’t want to build another “over 50 dating” site.Instead, I wanted to create a place that baby boomers could come to make new friends, no matter what they were looking for – a travel partner, a friend, a tennis partner or just someone to talk with.

S: "I had Bumble for maybe eight or nine months before deleting it, and now I’ll download it again every now and then.

But, in real life, dating rarely plays out so romantically.

This is especially true of online dating because even though the purpose of these sites is to help people find love, the bigger purpose is to thrive as a business: an activity that is driven by metrics like revenue growth and acquisition targets.

I try to remind myself that no one ever said online dating would be a wholly pleasant experience.

There is an inherent awkwardness that comes with entering the world of swipes and algorithms, and it’s simply unavoidable.

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