18 year old dating 15 year old florida a methodology for validating software product metrics

Your first reaction to your daughter’s fully consensual relationship isn’t to call the police, unless you’re in the middle of a freakout.

Most rational people will at least try to have a conversation first.

Kaitlyn Hunt, a high school senior in Florida, is facing a choice between going to trial and potentially serving up to 15 years in prison as a sex offender, or accepting a plea of two years under house arrest and a year on probation.

The lack of attempt at talking things out one family to another, and the very serious felony charges brought up against Hunt (lewd and lascivious battery on a child ages 12 to 16), seem to point to a hysterical outburst of homophobia on the part of her girlfriend’s parents upon finding out about the relationship.

The irony of this case is that, in asserting statutory rape laws, Kaitlyn Hunt is being held to equal standards as anyone else would be in a heterosexual relationship.

I thought they had so I'm glad I double checked. This is exactly why I say you can never stop learning!!

It used to be considered statutory rape even if both parties were under age so I'm glad to see they've changed it.

Her parents assumed that her girlfriend’s family was aware of the relationship, but apparently things were a bit more complicated.

All this for dating a girl in her school who was 15 years old.

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