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They held a distinct knowledge of celestial sciences that found form in their architecture.The kiva, a congregational space that was used chiefly for ceremonial purposes, was an integral part of this ancient people's community structure.They lived in a range of structures that included small family pit houses, larger structures to house clans, grand pueblos, and cliff-sited dwellings for defense.The Ancestral Puebloans possessed a complex network that stretched across the Colorado Plateau linking hundreds of communities and population centers.Oral cancer patients were mostly in their fifth to sixth decade of life, and the incidence in younger age was reported in some Arab countries.

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Saudi Arabia itself has been accused of funding terrorism in other countries, The US military sent forces to Saudi Arabia in 1990 after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. presence, as it violated a Muslim tradition of excluding non-Muslim from permanent residence in the Arabian peninsula.Eleven studies explored determinants or prognosis of OC.Behavioral determinants such as smokeless tobacco (Shamma and Qat), and cigarette smoking were strongly associated with OC.After screening for exclusion criteria, cross-referencing, and searching local journals, a total of 19 articles were included.Eight prevalence studies found an OC prevalence ranging from 1.8 to 2.13 per 100,000 persons.

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